Why ?

That’s the first thing that came to a lot of people’s minds when they saw Kim Kardashian’s new hair color. It was so blonde. She’s comes from an Armenian background with a darker complexion. Her natural color is much darker and completely on the other side of the spectrum. However, it is Kim Kardashian and getting attention for doing interesting things is pretty much her job.

Just recently the break the internet photos of her wearing nothing, holding a blanket and showing her whole body, got so much press. She’s not an actress, singer or dancer. She’s a brand and she’s discovering new ways to stay popular and keep reinventing herself.

Not my favorite way to be famous, however she is a brand to be reckoned with and is making a ton of money, with her net worth for 2014 being over 65 million dollars.

Going back to her new look, this blonde hair color is only new for her. Rihanna, Beyoncé and many other popular actresses and music celebs have done this. This is an example of how strong her brand is, it’s like she just discovered this color. Actually come to think of it, she just might have.


From a hairdressers point of view, my opinion is that this color doesn’t look complete and I don’t feel it suits her at all, mainly because it has too much yellow in it. This is the first thing that I found most industry professionals were saying about it.

What do I mean by it doesn’t look complete?

Well when we lighten someone’s hair that has a darker pigment, most of the time it pulls red tones first. Then as it gets lighter those red tones become orange then a little lighter and yellow is next. So these are the steps that darker hair goes through to get to blonde. I’m simplifying it but that’s pretty much what happens. So when I see hair that’s gone through this process and is still yellow, especially on her complexion, I feel that it’s not done.

Her color needs to have less yellow. She needs a toner that cuts that yellow out. With so many different shades of blonde out there. This would be the last shade of blonde that I or most hairdressers would’ve chosen.

blondeambition wella 10-0


So my conclusion is this. I don’t like the shade of her new color, however I do love the direction she was going with and I wish it would’ve been completed before leaving the salon. If this blog gets to you Kim. Call me and let’s book you an appointment. I’ll give you the best blonde for your complexion using 10/Wella – one that would never look yellow in any photo.

Now what Kim? What’s next ?

Wait Kanye feels left out.

I think he’s going to do this color on his beard.

Oh Kanye!

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