What does couture mean to you?

To me couture means having the best. If something is made specifically for you – it will fit like a glove – it will move with you. That’s the way fashion should be. You should wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn’t wear you. The same idea can apply to your hair too.


Couture Color – Josh Wood behind the scenes for Yiqing Yin AW15 | Wella Professionals

Color Couture - DearHairdresser.ca

As a stylist and salon owner, I always want to provide each client with an amazing experience every single visit. How do we achieve this? We have a team of talented/passionate stylists, provide great customer service with a smile, offer the best hair care products/services and the latest in color technologies .

Premium Hair Experience 

Just like with anything else, people are willing to pay more for beauty products that deliver high quality results. Look at Starbucks – people will pay $4.00 – $6.00 for a cup of coffee. Why? They can get their coffee exactly the way they like it.

By offering premium color services at our salons, we are offering our clients the best by creating their dream hair color – one that is tailor made just for them. How many professions can say that? That is why I love what I do – I can make someone’s vision come to life.

Following the trends.

Most of our clients get their hair inspiration from celebrities, fashion shows and trends they see in magazines but they are not sure how it would look on them. It is my job as a stylist to work with them during their consultation to find a way to achieve their desired look.

Hair is our best accessory.

Our clients come to us because they want beautiful and healthy hair. If you offer high quality service and provide high quality results – they will be willing to pay. Product knowledge is the key. We need to do our part to educate clients so that they understand the value in premium color services.

Color Couture - DearHairdresser.ca

Koleston Perfect Innosense: Couture color service with 22 beautiful vibrant shades with ME+, a color technology of the future, for ingredient-conscious clients.

Koleston Perfect Application - DearHairdresser.ca

Blondor Freelights: Color couture service without the use of foils – a lightener designed for accuracy and precision in freehand application.

Blondor Freelights Application - DearHairdresser.ca

Magma by Blondor: 16 intermixable shades, lightening and tone in one simple step, on both colored or virgin hair.

Magma Application - DearHairdresser.ca

Illumina Color: 37 intermixable shades, luminous natural looking hair; can lighten, darken and enhance natural hair color giving a sheer natural looking result.

Illumina Color Application - DearHairdresser.ca

Color.id: Allows you to color with your vision and intuition. It creates a unique matrix within the color mass, acting like a flexible barrier to separate and hold different hair colors. This allows you to place color next to color without bleeding and without the need for separators.

Wella Color.id Application - DearHairdresser.ca

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