The reason why I love my job is simple. I love working with people.

I love our differences.

Different ethnicities, backgrounds, languages and hair types.

The other best part is everyone has a story.

Everyone has a story - DearHairdresser (1)

Most service based industries that deal with person to person service have to deal with diversity. Some more than others. Hairstyling is definitely up there.

We meet all walks of life.

I get people who immigrated to Canada, such as myself – from far away places and they have the most interesting stories. Why they left their home land. How they left. Was it love, war, poverty or for their career?

People who are born and raised in Canada and are from different parts of it. It is such a big country – there are so many places to visit.

People who are from my city with amazing jobs and families that have been here for years.

I also get to hear the play by play about peoples personal lives.

The love story, the heart break, the achievements, the travel, the parents, the new house, the new car and it goes on and on.

Sometimes I get someone who completely surprises me and tells me a story that I’ve never heard before. It’s rare now, because after 20 years, I’ve heard it all or at least I think I have, then I hear something that throws me for a loop and blows my mind.

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People’s lives are the most interesting thing.

Hearing about their lives with truth and no barriers – guarding them is a true blessing. I am honored when trusted with these stories.

Service based careers are more than just giving guests a service. It’s about giving them our passion for what we do with truth and sincerity. Which means being ourselves and professionals at the same time.

At the end of the day, it’s the ultimate compliment when a guest sitting in my chair keeps coming back to see me for their hair needs and tells their friends. I become part of the family.

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Hair stylist are lucky people because we love what we do and get paid for it.

To all hair stylists – keep grinding brothers and sisters and keep putting the best hairstyles on our streets and in the media.

We don’t just control fashion.

We are important in people’s lives and their decisions. We have more influence than we think.

It’s a power and a responsibility. Use it wisely and make a great career.

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