Book smarts vs. street smarts – which is better?

I had street smarts first, because of my circumstances.

I grew up in Lebanon and the first part of my youth was spent in war, so I didn’t attend school regularly as I would’ve here and I was limited in my habits for studying.

When I came to Canada, at the young age of eleven, I was faced with challenges. Learning new languages – English and French, this is what’s practiced here in Canada. Plus, we lived very humbly and not in the best neighborhoods, so having street smarts was vital for survival.

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I used my street smarts everyday – in all aspects of my life.

For example, sometimes the kids in the neighborhood weren’t so kind to me, because I didn’t speak English properly. Maybe they were just tough kids with their own problems at home and weren’t taught to be nice to others.

I used to get bullied and I’d have to fight at times. After awhile, I learned to outsmart them so I wouldn’t get picked on anymore and they started to actually like me.

I learned all this by watching them and saw how things went.

I hung out with the older kids and impressed them – so I had their respect, the younger ones just followed them. It took some time and a few scars but I figured it out. Street smarts taught me about intentions. Who’s got the right ones in your favor and who doesn’t.

You learn this quick.

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I would have loved the opportunity to have more book smarts, just out of shear curiosity, to see where and what I would’ve done with them. Because, as I got older, started my own business and grew inside as a person, I realized how important it is to have book smarts – in order to be really well rounded.

I believe it’s good to have both, if you can. Sometimes we don’t get to choose as children which one is more important to learn first. I think surviving off just one, depends on your surroundings.

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Learn as much as you can and always and be yourself.

Survive in any condition and that’s a lesson in itself. Whether it is books or streets that got you there – neither is bad.

Learn something and go with it, until it doesn’t work anymore, then go with something else. That’s called survival and it’s the way to success.

Never give up and keep searching to find your way.

Streets, books, meditation, whatever works.

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