As a stylist and salon owner I like to check out the hair culture wherever I go. Salon Shots is a collection of the barber shops and salons I have visited throughout my travels.

Recently I was in Germany for the Wella Professionals 2015 International Trend Vision Awards.  As I was walking on Charlottenstrausse in downtown Berlin, close to my hotel, I noticed a bar. Thinking this was a bar where you would go hang out and get a drink. Well I wasn’t wrong. It was a bar where you can get a drink, any drink, however, it was inside a barbershop.

I ended up getting a really good fade and after my cut I met some very cool cats at their bar. I decided to take a shot of whiskey before heading out.

This was exactly what I needed before my event that evening. A great haircut and a shot.

Wow. What a concept and the guys in there where top notch gentlemen. I felt really good about the experience and the service. Very reasonably priced as well. I will visit this place every time I visit Berlin. Oh and next time I might even buy a watch or a suit jacket, because they carried some cool pieces.

Till next time Berlin, vielen Dank und bis bald.

Gentlemen's Circle

The shop was designed to look simple but expensive. The sink area was lit up and in the middle of the barbershop, so that both sides could be shared. One side of the shop had the bar and the store had men’s watches, accessories of all kinds and clothing from head to toe. It felt like I could spend all day in there.

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Gentlemen’s Circle is a unique concept of gentlemen’s culture. You can find and get everything – from a shave to a tailor-made suit, from a swiss watch to a Gin Rickey or a cigar.

“With Gentlemen’s Circle, I’m basically creating a space that matches my vision of a perfect world for men and I’m inviting all interested gentlemen to join me and become a part of this world.”
André Goerner, Founder, Gentlemen’s Circle

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You can check out the website and read more about their philosophy by clicking here.

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