They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but this is not true in my profession. As a hair stylist I need to be on top of the trends and well groomed all the time. That’s why people come to me – they want to look good.

Hair and fashion are a passion for me – it’s a big part of my lifestyle.

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Hair salons have always been an industry mainly driven by women, but now that isn’t the case anymore. I read an article that said the men’s grooming industry is estimated to top $20 billion across the globe this year.

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Men’s hairstyle trends are constantly changing – influenced by celebrities and what is seen on the runway. Social media has made these looks more accessible to people.


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Men are being inspired to create their own signature style.

The social media following for this industry is booming. Schorem Barbier have over 200,000 followers on Instagram. The men only, old school barbershop, specializing in traditional haircuts and hot towel straight razor shaves has created an international following.

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Instagram: @axeandhatchet

I checked out Axe & Hatchet Grooming Club while I was in Toronto for Fashion Week. The location I visited was in the upscale neighborhood of Yorkville, but they are set to open a second location in Liberty Village.

Dante Perrone, the owner, got his start in a barbershop. It runs in his family – just like me. The team at the shop are skilled with scissors and clippers. My good friend Vanessa Fortino works there.

The shop has a cool vibe – somewhere you would want to hang out. They offer shaves and modern haircuts – with the atmosphere of an old school barber shop.

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Getting groomed and loving it is not a new thing for men.

Barbershops have been around since the beginning of business and trade, way before hair salons or most businesses for that matter.

Dentistry originated in barbershops. Yes it did.

It happened while men were getting a haircut or shave. If they had a toothache, they’d ask the barber to take a look at the tooth. Since the chair was set back, it was easy to look inside the clients mouth. As time went on, it obviously became two different trades.

I love this industry. It’s the definition of cool.

Hopefully barbers across the world feel empowered, after reading this.

Listen up barbers, take pride in your craft and elevate it even more as a true profession that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Don’t forget, we are a need and a want in our society. Signup

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