What makes you desire a certain look? Why did you choose your hairstyle? Do you ever wonder why people are walking around with their hairstyles?

Sometimes the answers make sense and sometimes they just don’t.

There are influences in our lives that push us to choose looks and styles. Our parents style growing up of course, if they were fashion conscious people. Our family – aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. The era we grew up in and the area which we lived in – suburbs or city. Another big one – perception – how we think people see us. These are the things that influence what fashion and hairstyles we choose.

Fashion conscious people pick hairstyles based on current influences like a new movie, an up and coming model or Hollywood star making waves, mixed in with their hair texture and past influences from their childhood.

People who are not fashion conscious will subconsciously choose a style based around the same reasons and will often keep the same look because in their minds it works and changing it is just not a priority for them.

Whether you’re fashion conscious or not is a matter of choice. It’s how you translate your views on hair and fashion into your personal style that matters. Sometimes having a professional opinion from a Stylist may open your eyes to something new.

Trendy people sometimes walk around with the wrong look, because change doesn’t always work in someone’s favor. Even so, I strongly believe that change and taking risks is the only way to find a look that works for you. People who don’t take risks and just wear the same style forever will never truly feel any different.

“Don’t ever be afraid to take risks, for they make life worth living.”

We need to change our style as we age. You can’t wear the same hairstyle that you wore when you were 18 years old, now that you are 40. I’m sorry but your hair texture is now different, some grey hair is kicking in and your style has completely changed. This may sound depressing, however, what’s more depressing is seeing a 40 year old woman trying to dress and have the same hairstyle as her 18 year old daughter. I see it all the time.

People need to realize that age is a big deal, when it comes to choosing looks for fashion and hair. You can still experiment with different styles but choose one that makes sense for you. If you’re 40, look at the hairstyles that stars or models 25 and up are wearing, not your daughters please. The teenage years are very experimental, many of their choices are based on peer pressure or a desire to be rebellious – so they don’t always do what’s right

“Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.”
Hubert de Givenchy

Nothing feels better than wearing the right hairstyle and flaunting it. You’ll always know when a hairstyle is working for you because people tell you. If no one ever compliments you on your hair then maybe it’s time to try something new.

In the end what is most important is letting the world know that you’re in touch with who you are, being confident and knowing what works for you.

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