Have you ever wondered why people wear a particular hairstyle?

Well you know I do all the time. You might expect that from a hair stylist, but I think we all do it – and it’s obvious why. It’s the first thing you see. I mean besides the face then the hair.

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Hair Stylist: Joudy, Texture Hair Boutique

Nothing is more beautiful than the diversity of humans. Our eyes, noses and lips. I mean that is who we are, but these are really not our decision. We are born with them. We don’t get to choose how our face looks. Unless you are really into plastic surgery. Most of us are not, really. Not yet anyways.

Here’s the reason why hair is so interesting.

How our hair looks is what’s under our control. What color, cut and style. We choose what we want people to see. We see people walking around with curly purple hair, red bobs, blonde curly layers, short pixie cuts and whatever the eye can imagine. How cool is that?

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Hair Stylist: Chelsea, Texture Hair Boutique

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Hair Stylist: Ramsey Sayah, Texture Hair Salon/Texture Hair Boutique

This is why I love my job. People sit in my chair and tell me how they want the world to see them. It’s just awesome. So, it made me think.

Uh oh. I’m thinking. Here we go!

I wanted to understand why people chose certain styles and colors to represent them. What’s the psychology behind it? I started doing some research and found more info than I thought would be out there. Apparently it’s a hot topic.

Just like the clothes we wear, our hair is just as important, if not more. It’s an expression of our personalities. Not completely but a part of it. Our hair speaks to people before we even open our mouths. It’s telling something about our hygiene and our self-expression. Yes hygiene. People assume that it’s only about our smell and teeth.

Well sorry to break it to you.

We are also saying something about how we care about ourselves when we wear nice hair. Groomed hair. Cut around the ears and neck hair. Well styled hair. Controlled curls hair. Smooth silky hair. Colored hair that looks like it’s not out of box, and I could go on.

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Hair Stylist: Ziad, Texture Hair Salon

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Hair Stylist: Donato, Texture Hair Salon

The psychology of hair is a topic that is really interesting. It says more about our personalities and characteristics than I even thought. I will write a few more posts about it. It’s too much info to say all at once. Trust me when I say that it’ll surprise you and make you look at hairstyles and hair color in whole new light.

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Hair Stylist: Hannah, Texture Hair Salon

Just remember: your hair is a statement. It’s a shirt, a tie, a skirt and the pants. Do you wear dirty clothes to work? Do you wear smelly clothes? You get my point?

What you make your hair look like is an extended expression of who you are. So wear it proud. Let’s not judge the ones with bad hair, but help them to meet that special hairstylist that can change their life. If you’re reading this, you might already have an idea.

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