Here are some excerpts from an article written by Lola Augustine Brown from Good Times magazine. In it, I give my professional opinion on how to fix common hair issues.

Help for Your Hair by Lola Augustine Brown.

Thinning Hair

Ramsey Sayah, stylist and owner of
Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa, often
uses colouring techniques to help
make hair look fuller. “Making
sure there isn’t too much contrast
between the scalp and the
hair really helps,” he says.
“For example, if you have
black hair and a white scalp,
we’ll lighten the hair.”

Taming Frizzy, Dry, and Damaged Hair

Sayah says that when a client comes
into his salon with very damaged hair
due to colouring, sometimes a cut is
required to get rid ofthe damage. But
often, damaged hair can be saved by
giving it a break from harsh colours
and instead using a semi-permanent
colouring product that has very little
ammonia in it. “Or we darken it and
stop colouring it for a while,” he says,
“and then encourage people to do
deep conditioning treatments at home
and to be very careful: don’t brush
damaged hair when it’s wet; style it
only when it is completely dry and less
stretchy. We can show people techniques
so they know how to manage
their damaged hair.

“There are all kinds of deep-condi
tioning oils and treatments that you
can have at the salon that will help to
recondition your hair, and plenty of
home treatments too,” Sayah says.
“You need to balance out the damage
you may do with straighteners with
a good deep-conditioning treat
ment fairly often.”

Dealing With Grey

Grey hair is nothing to worry about
these days – many women and men
are embracing the beautiful tones their
hair is increasingly displaying. “People
are more into grey hair than ever before,”
Sayah says. “You dont have to
hide the fact that you’ve gone grey; it’s
more accepted and embraced.”

Hair After Chemo

Sayah has had several clients who’ve
gone through chemotherapy and suf-
fered hair loss or other ill effects as
a result, working with them at every
stage of the regrowth process. “A good
hairstylist is going to work with the
hair you have and customize the solution
for you,” he says. Signup

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