It’s party time, Christmas party time.

I don’t know if that has the same effect as when it’s actually party time, like when you go see a famous DJ or to a house party. However, it could, depending on what the event is. Regardless of what or where, I believe you need to look your best at all times and obviously a lot of people think this as well because the salons get busy.

Holiday Hair - (3)

Kara, Texture Hair Salon

Everyone is coming in and getting their hair done up, makeup is going on and fancy hair pieces are going in.

It’s a fun and happy time at the shop. As well as being busy and hard, there’s not a moment to breath or even eat for that matter. However, the creativity is just flowing at its best under those conditions. We are being pushed and challenged. The team loves it.

Holiday Hair - DearHairdresser (2)

Chelsea, Texture Hair Boutique

I believe that people these days still want to dress up and feel good. The hair totally reflects this and it’s done with a softer look. Not so hard and not so set. Hair that stays looking the same all night but doesn’t feel tight on the head. More of an organic look. Side parts and curls, pinned a little off to one side. Twists and braids that are loose. Little bit of the twenties era mixed with today’s hot tools. S curls to bring out that ombré. Short hair finger waves brushed out and sprayed with a soft hairspray and lots of shine.

Holiday Hair - DearHairdresser (1)

Ramsey Sayah, Texture Hair Salon

If you want your hairstyle to last all night and keep you looking sexy and fierce, you need a good product. One of my favorite hairsprays is Sebastian Professionals iconic Shaper hairspray.

Holiday Hair - (6)

The holiday season is one of my favourite times to be a hairstylist. I wish people did more things like this on the regular. Makes my job so much more exciting. I guess we will need more excuses to dress up.

God bless you all.

Happy holidays and safe travels.

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