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Anna Lee Boschetto
Editor-in-Chief, Salon Magazine

You have had a successful career as a journalist covering everything from fitness trends to fashion and everything in between. How did you get into the beauty industry?

As you mentioned, I covered the health, fitness and wellness beat starting out and beauty had always been one part of that. Now as the editor with Canada’s leading publication for the professional beauty industry I’ve had the opportunity to delve more into the beauty industry from the business side rather than as a consumer. It’s definitely given me a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the industry.

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Since starting my blog two years ago, the biggest lesson I have learned is that content is king. With so many other magazines out there, how do you and your team make Salon Magazine stand out?

When it comes to engaging our audience’s attention, we take a multip-platform approach. From print to digital to social media, our team is always try new ways to offer content that’s relevant to where our audience is connecting with us. It’s also important for us to know what our readers want to see in upcoming issues, and we’re always keeping the feedback we receive in mind as we plan out our content on every platform. In addition to featuring photo collections that are both aspirational and inspirational, our team is always looking for upcoming trends, technologies and business developments from a variety of different sources. In our ever changing world media is available on so many different platforms, so it’s critical to have this 360-degree approach that’s easily accessible no matter where you choose to connect with Salon Magazine.

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We both share a passion for running. What do you love about it most and do you have any marathons on your bucket list?

Running connects the mind and body in a way that’s invigorating and relaxing. As a writer, running allows my mind the time to wander, get inspired, and come back to my desk calm, refreshed and ready to create. As for bucket list marathons, Big Sur is definitely one, for the incredible views. Paris is another that’s high on my list because the race route is just spectacular running along the Seine River. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon would be the ultimate, because of its history and because it’s THE most iconic marathon.

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We’re lucky to work in industries that allow us to travel. I love experiencing different cultures seeing all the beautiful and amazing things in our world. You’re a bit of a travel junkie too. What have your experiences taught you?

Travel teaches you so much on personal level.

The experience of being in a new destination expands your mind and spirit, far beyond the places you see.

It offers you a brief snapshot of what life is like, and often you make unexpected discoveries. For example, I never would have known that surfing was so popular in Tel Aviv had I not visited Israel. Cultural traditions and food differences aside, traveling has made me realized how similar we all are and how much we all want to connect with each other. Whether in conversation, or over a meal or simply in exchanging a smile, travel offers us that opportunity to connect with one another no matter how vastly different our worlds.

I deal with hair almost every day – it’s a big part of my life. How it looks is one of the things in life we can control. I am always interested to hear how people feel about hair.

How often do you change your hairstyle?

For about the past seven or eight years I’ve had variations on a chin length bob because it’s one of the hairstyle that seems to work best with my hair texture. That said, I’m always looking for something fresh with each appointment which is usually every eight weeks or so. Over the past year I’ve grown out the length a little more which gives me more style options.

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What was your worst hair disaster?

My hair is very straight and there was a time when I desperately wanted curly hair. I begged my mom’s hairstylist for a spiral perm, which she wisely refused mainly because I’m sure she was concerned with my mom’s reaction. So my mom took me to another salon where the stylist cut my hair into a chin length bob and gave me that spiral perm. Let’s just say, it was definitely a look, one that lasted my entire eighth grade year, and taught me the true meaning of “permanent” curls.

How do you feel when you have a bad hair day?

Bad hair days? Never happens! Kidding aside, it’s part of life and you roll with it. On a day when I’m not thrilled with the initial results, I’ll use it as a day to adapt my look with a quick Dutch braid or deep side part and low ponytail. So really, there’s never a bad hair day I can’t handle.

What is your favorite part of a salon visit?

These days my visits are a great way to get inspired for stories but I’ve always found the salon to be wonderful place to recharge and connect. Whether I’m chatting with my hairstylist, or the new stylist in training who is blowing out my hair, I always enjoy hearing what’s exciting for them in our industry. In our busy world, we have fewer human connection and I think salons offer that opportunity, which I’ve even seen between clients who happen to see one another regularly.

On average, how much time do you spend on your hair each day?

On an average week day, less than 45 minutes, many times less than 30. I discovered years ago that having a good cut means that you don’t need to spend hours styling it, and when you work with your natural hair texture, instead of against it, you’ll achieve better results in less time.

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When I say the phrase beauty from the inside out, what does that mean to you?

Maintaining a positive, healthy perspective in life really radiates your beauty from within. One’s outer beauty is a true reflection of their inner spirit, and putting positive energy into the world shines a spotlight on their beauty. In a different way, a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced nutrition is another secret to long-lasting beauty, your secret weapon, when it comes to achieving beautiful skin and hair. Signup

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