I’m a Stylist but I’m also a hair doctor.

When my clients notice something wrong with their hair – they come to me for answers. Because our hair plays such a big part of our appearance – they want a quick and easy solution. But it’s not that easy.

You can get healthy hair with products/treatment but that will only help with what you see on the surface. It goes deeper than that.

Two key factors to maintaining healthy hair are diet and exercise.

A healthy lifestyle will show in your skin/hair.

Only you control what goes in your mouth. You need to make smart choices. Your body, skin and hair all need the right kind of fuel – fresh fruit/vegetables and plenty of water – you know the drill.

It’s all about the flow.

Exercise – even though some of you might hate it – is important too. Regular exercise helps to maintain good circulation which is needed for healthy hair.

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Arielle, Texture Hair Salon

Now lets talk about some of the causes of hair and scalp damage.

There are three main types: physical (brushing, combing, heat from hot hair tools…), chemical (cheap hair products, color, chlorine…) and biological (psoriasis…).

I may be superman but I am not a magician.

Hair products/treatments can help with hair/scalp damage and repair but there are a lot of other factors that you need to consider. What I am trying to say is things like this take time. You have to be patient.

Another thing.

We are all different – that is the beauty of  humans – we are all diverse. Well the same can be said for your hair. Every solution will be tailored to you and your hair care needs. You need to go for a consultation, so your Stylist can recommend the best treatments and products for you.

Introducing the Hair Doctor - DearHairdresser (1)
Toni, Texture Hair Boutique

Nioxin Intensive Therapy Night Density Rescue

This product can promote hair density in 3 months. Now if you don’t know what hair density means – it doesn’t mean much.

Hair Terminology 101

Hair density are the amount of hair strands on the head in a 1″x1″ area of your scalp. In general you have three categories: thin, medium, thick. So if you have thin density – this product can help you out.

Some of the key ingredients are: Biotin which is an antioxidant that helps fortify nails/hair. Vitamin E which helps reduce oxidative damage on the skin’s surface.

Application: You apply it directly onto the scalp’s surface at night. And don’t worry about doing more laundry – it won’t leave any residue on your pillow.

Nioxin Night Density Rescue - DearHairdresser.ca

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