Cognac is a color that makes you automatically think about elegance, sophistication and prestige.

If your client wants a new look this season, Wella Professionals Illumina Color’s six new cognac shades: cool leather beige blonde and warm cognac golds are perfect colors for this time of year.

Once the cold weather comes most people automatically want to go dark with their hair color. But I think that these new shades are perfect for Fall and Winter. They will brighten up a guest’s look, especially when the cold/dry winters can leave hair looking a little dull.

As hair stylists, we should always use the best and most innovative hair products. Every salon guest, is a walking billboard for you and your salon. That’s why I want everyone who sits in my chair to feel like a model at the end of their appointment.

Line of Shine -

Dmitry Vinokurov, Marbled Sand – Uncharted Territories Collection

It’s easy to say why I love Illumina Color. It’s the shiniest color I’ve ever seen.


Not matter how I apply it, as a toner or an all over application, it never lets me down. The clients reaction says it all. I’ve heard things like “Wow! My hair looks so healthy.” and “I’ve never seen my hair this shiny.”

I’ve been using Wella for 20 years now and it’s always reinventing itself as a company. Wella always finds ways to stay at the forefront of the color game.

I was invited to Los Angeles to attend a class with Wella’s North American top artist who were showcasing a new line of color that was iridescent and shinier than anything I’ve ever seen before. Everyone in that room, on that beautiful sunny Los Angeles day, knew that they hit a home run with this new color and we’re so impressed and happy with the new direction Wella was taking.

It was like the dawn of a new Wella – a fresh way of creating color once again. It just made me love Wella color more than I already did and the new approach they were taking.

The branding and marketing didn’t feel like it was pushed. It made total sense. Illumina was the new line of shine. It was like a colored lip gloss and Koleston Perfect was the lip stick. I had so much fun that day, coloring those model’s hair with it and couldn’t wait to go back to the salon and share it with the team.


Hester Wernert-Rijn, Iconic Gold, Distilled Collection

Once it arrived at the shop, our team went nuts with it and our guests fell in love.

It’s gave us a new way to sell color as well. We now we’re able to sell a premium color service to our guests that brought them new shades and more shine. Hands down. The shiniest color on the planet.

For the best results, apply Illumina color, then before blow drying the hair use a little of the Wella Oil Reflections and let your guest’s hair shine like a star.

I don’t have to ever sell Illumina, it’s results make our guests simply request it, again and again.

I feel that this line gave me an edge – it makes my guests appreciate that we are staying ahead of the game by using a premium product.

My team loves Illumina now and it’s part of our Wella line permanently. We carry all the shades and intermix them to create shine.

We still use Koleston Perfect and Color Touch and go to Illumina, as an add on and our premium line.

Since the release of we’ve been applying Illumina freely in many different ways – it has been a great way to showcase the possibilities of Illumina. Balayage and ombré techniques have never been easier and as natural looking.

Whether you are a guest or a stylist, please look into Illumina and get the advantage of having this color in your life. It’ll make it just that much brighter and shiner.

Live free with and dye with Illumina.

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