With the new ombré and balayage looks taking off in the last two years or so and still going strong, it’s been so refreshing to see hair color becoming more of an accessory to guests than a process that just covers grey hair.

Freedom with color in hair, from the way it looks to the way it’s applied, has been the feeling that I’ve been getting when I do color and you know how I feel about freedom.

Freelights, a new line of color and color application, has made this feeling of freedom even more real and fun.


The clay based color makes it easy to apply, because you get to actually paint the color onto the hair where you want to see it. It sticks to the area where you apply it and lightens only the hair around that area. It doesn’t effect the hair in between the sections, therefore eliminating the need to use foil or any other material that we would normally use to keep hair and color separate.


Product Information:

production information

This is a huge leap in our industry. It has made applying color so much more free and fun. Kind of like a dream or two I’ve had about brushing color onto a clients hair. I truly feel like I am painting.

The other thing that I found as well is the clients reaction to it. They absolutely love that I’m doing something new on them. It’s the latest in hair color technology and that makes them feel good about sitting in my chair. It just shows them that I am current and always seeking new ways to stay on top of my game, in an industry that is always changing. They love and appreciate that I am being as creative as I can be so I can deliver the best service to them, to keep them looking beautiful and up to date in fashion.

Freelights offer natural looking highlights for clients who want that sun kissed look, that blends well into the hair and don’t want to worry about root regrowth.

Freelights has elevated my artistic sense and made me love doing color even more than I already do, which I didn’t think was possible.

Leave it up to Wella to keep us on our toes, keep us motivated and allow us to continue growing as artists by giving us new innovative color techniques and the tools to create and make our dreams come true.

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