Would Juliet have loved Romeo if he had his front teeth missing, even though his soul would have been exactly the same?

If the answer is no, then did she love him for the right reason or is that irrelevant, just as long as she loved him?

Relationships are complicated.

If love is only based on something superficial – beauty, wealth or sex – it usually doesn’t last.

Beauty can fade with age or personality. That’s why they have sayings like – beauty from the inside out.

The latest beauty trend – contouring – let’s you transform your face with makeup. It’s an illusion.

Love based on beauty is an illusion too.

Sometimes people fall in love with an idea of someone not the actual person. They create a fairy tale in their head of how things could be, then get upset when someone doesn’t live up to their expectations. So it has nothing to do with the other person at all.

I’m not saying looks have nothing to do with it. Physical attraction is important. If I said anything else I’d be lying. But you need something more to get you past the “honeymoon” phase.

If you really care for someone you just accept them – no matter what.

You take the good and the bad. No one is perfect. Flaws aren’t bad it is what makes people different and interesting. You need to love someone imperfectly.

Another thing we should ask ourselves in a relationship is why do we do certain things.

I can’t tell you how many times a client has sat in my chair and chose a certain hair color or style because their significant other likes it that way, whether it suited them or not.

Don’t get me wrong, doing something to make someone happy is not a bad thing. It’s natural for you to want to do that. But choosing to go to a certain restaurant one night even if you’re not a fan as opposed to having a hair color you’re not crazy about, but your boyfriend or husband likes is something completely different.

Love Yourself - DearHairdresser.ca

Your hair – the cut, color and style – should reflect how you want the world to see you. It should be your signature stamp not someone else’s.

I love my freedom. My freedom to choose, to do or say what I want.

It’s me I’ll never change. Take it or leave it.

So my message to you is – love yourself.

Love yourself enough to walk away from someone who is trying to change who you are, someone who loves you with conditions.

Remember my motto – You only get one life – live it.

Live it on your own terms not someone else’s.

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