Monaco is a small principality – about the same size as Central Park in New York City.

It has an Mediterranean heritage with French and Italian influences. It’s only about 2 kilometers squared with a population of 37,000 people, whom only 9,000 of them are actual Monacans. Most people will commute from France or Italy to work for the day or the week, then go home again to their families. It’s very expensive to live in Monaco. To purchase a home, it’ll cost you an average of $6,000.00 a square foot, hence the reason why most people that work in Monaco don’t actually live there.


Hanging out with some hair royalty, Carmen Commisso and Fabio Sementilli, 2014 Wella International Trend Vision Awards in Monaco.

The mild climate is perfect for outdoor living. Monaco’s resort lifestyle attracts billionaires and celebrities from around the world – making it synonymous with wealth and power.

The government is very supportive of the arts like with the Monte Carlo Ballet and Monte Carlo Opera. Then you of course have the Monaco Grand Prix – one of the principalities most famous events – attracting hundreds of models, actors, celebrities and some of the worlds most influential people.

The fashion there is next to none.

People of all walks of life are dressed to kill. The latest and greatest in trends and luxury. As far as hair fashion, my favorite of course, I saw everything from classic Vidal to all the hair colors of the rainbow. They simply had it all with a high end twist to it.


2014 Wella International Trend Vision Awards

One of the things that really caught my attention about Monaco was how beautiful the buildings and homes were. Everything just seemed perfect. A gorgeous little paradise that looked like a movie set, but it wasn’t. It was real. The cars, the casinos, the shops and how beautifully everyone is dressed.

The best of everything at your finger tips.

Yet it still felt real and people were happy and approachable. The multi cultures, all dining, shopping, gambling and showing off to the max, without any of the feeling that they’re better than you. Something I never truly felt before, in a sense where I didn’t feel below or above anyone. I was in awe them just as much they were in awe of me.

The one thing that really stole my heart was the cars. I’ve never seen so many nice cars in one area at a time. I mean I saw every make of the most recent to the oldest, exotic, big or small and the most futuristic cars ever. I thought I was dreaming. It felt amazing to be surrounded by some of the things that I love most in one area. I truly enjoyed visiting Monaco.

Some of the best things the world has to offer are all in those 2 kilometers squared. The way I see it. It’s almost perfect for what it’s selling, which is luxury at its best. No one does it better.

See you soon Monaco.

Hopefully this time on my yacht.

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