I am very lucky to have an award winning and industry recognized team. Our combined passion, creativity, confidence, drive and most importantly success is what pushes us to be the best we can be.

Every year my team participates in the Wella Professional TrendVision Awards competition – an elite hair competition for stylist to show their talent and creativity as artists. It is so important to give your team opportunities to grow either through education or competition. This allows them to see and think outside the box.


Getting an “A” once is easy. Keeping it – that’s another story.

We are humbled by the level of success we have garnered at the TrendVision Awards competition.

Once again, five of our stylists were named as semi finalists for the Canadian Trend Vision Awards competition: Damien Carvery, Natalie Thompson, Suzanne Pack, Ziad Sami El-Zoor and myself.

Building a brand is building your team.

The fact that year after year we continue to do well in this competition is a testament to our passion for the craft. We have built a real Dream Team and have enjoyed success at the Canadian, North American and International Trend Vision Awards competition.

We have worked hard to get to this point and we will continue to keep working hard every single year.

To my team – be yourself, be thankful and be fierce. Thank you Wella and good luck to all this year’s competitors.


We had some team members who didn’t place this year but I wanted to showcase their looks because they all did an amazing job.


 Karla – Texture Hair Salon


Hannah – Texture Hair Salon


Marie-line, Texture Hair Salon


Joudy, Texture Hair Boutique

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