I am a product junkie. I love how the hair industry is always finding new ways to develop products that style hair, keep it healthy and shiny. I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years now, so I have used and read about most salon product lines out there. To be honest most of them are generally good, but not all are great.

Let me guess, you are now thinking of all the products you have. Oh yes, that magical cupboard in your bathroom that is full of amazing products that you are not using. If you are using 5% of them you would be lucky.

Take a look at your cupboard one day. Pull out all the products whether it is for hair or skin and add up what they cost you. It is probably a pretty good investment. I recommend that just like you would do a spring cleaning for your house, you should do the same with your beauty and hair products. It will (1) teach you not to spend money on products that you don’t use and (2) make room for the products you actually enjoy and need.

Fact: When it comes to hair, the products you use matter.

Guests at my salon always ask me – I love the way you style my hair. How do I style it the same way at home? My reply is simply, do what I do and you will get the same result and purchasing/using the same products is part of that process.

I love when my guests look into the mirror at the end of an appointment and smile – it’s the best part of my job. I want them to get that same feeling every time they look in the mirror. So, it’s important for my guests to understand that I’m not just trying to sell them products for the fun of it. It’s to help them achieve the look that they want. Also, if other people love their hair and ask who does it for them that helps me grow my business.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

The difference between salon hair products and drugstore hair products is quality and value. Although they contain many of the same ingredients – they don’t have them at the same levels/quantities – which are listed from highest to lowest on the bottle. Salon products contain more of the ingredients your hair needs – proteins, moisturizers – all important for the hair shaft and scalp. Giving you better value for your money.

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