Aubrey is one of the best stylists that I’ve ever met, also the most humble and genuine.

I love his no ego approach to the craft. He’s kind and gentle but don’t mistaken his kindness for lack of knowledge and passion.

He knows his way around a model like a maestro controlling an orchestra.

Aubrey is one of my inspirations. I’ll always remember how welcoming he was when I first met him, even though we weren’t really friends yet. He knew I was a fellow hair rebel, accepted me and made me feel at home instantly.

I love people in this industry who are successful and continue to pass it down.

Aubrey, I have my popcorn ready.

I’m enjoying watching your show, as you continue to wow people all over the world with your passion for the craft.

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Aubrey Loots

Hair Stylist, Owner, Creative Director, Educator
The Doves by DNA

Owner, Dean of Education
Hair Art and Science Academy

Growing up, who inspired you to become a hairstylist and did you have a mentor?

I did not have a mentor growing up, however, I worked part time while going to high school across the walk way from a salon and became friends with some of the stylists. I watched how much fun they were having every day and how happy the clients were when they left and I was like – I want to do that!

Where did you study?

South Africa

What is one hair tip everyone should know?

The hair will always tell you what it wants to do for cut, color or styling – just pay attention to the hair!

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What are your favorite hair products at the moment?

EIMI by Wella – they work well and smell good!

If you had to pick, what is your signature cut or technique?

Styling. It’s my passion – anything to do with styling hair I love!

Any tricks of the trade you want to share?

Education is key. If you are a stylist you will never stop learning. Our industry is always evolving and education is the key to evolve with it.

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What inspires you?

Travel and people.

I feel that hairdressers have the ability to make people feel beautiful on the inside and outside. It’s a powerful thing. Tell us about NOVA/FORMA.

Nova Forma is a non profit that we started to support women’s shelters in LA.

We work with several shelters and battered women’s shelters offering makeovers for these women – to help them gain back their confidence and help get them back in the work force – feeling good about themselves.

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Teaching my “Backstage Pass” workshop at Wella Studio in New York.

What does it take to be successful in our industry?

Humility, education and inspiring others.

What do you love most about being a stylist?

That I get to create with my mind and my hands and leave people feeling good about themselves – actually making a difference in peoples lives.

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Street Art in London

What is one of your favorite red carpet looks that you’ve created?

A twisted knotted, updo for one of the cast members of Trueblood – Lauren Bowles.

You are one of Wella Professionals’ top artists as well as an international ambassador. How has being part of the Wella family impacted your career?

Wella has provided me a large platform to share my love and passion for our industry and our craft.

We are given so many opportunities to get our work and our name out there and it is greatly appreciated.

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You travel a lot. What are some of your must have, hair tool/product essentials that you always have with you? 

My Kurosawa Shears custom made in Japan. My Y.S Park combs and brushes and then a hot tool styling kit from CoCre8 from Chris Dove and John Simpson!

You work on film/television sets as a celebrity stylist as well as at the salon. What do you like best about these two different worlds as an artist?

I always teach my young ones to build your chair in the salon, it keeps you grounded and provides a steady income, then you can explore all the other opportunities our industry has to offer.

I love all the traveling, events, hair shows, the red carpet, runway and fashion week. I feel very blessed to have all of that in my life and I am always grateful to come home and work in the salons and hang out with my clients too.

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