I met Diana on a trip that I took for work on a hair course in Mexico of all places.

Trust me, I thought it was going to be just fun in the sun and the usual that goes with going to Cancun. No way. This was a serious course that demanded work and our attention. We learned how to do ombré and balayage techniques before it was even popular.

Diana was one of those hairdressers that took her work seriously. I watched her intense focus. Quickly everyone knew this girl is here to learn. She was kind and very motivating to the people around her. Her social media portfolio is amazing. Her work speaks for itself. Guy Tang has nothing on you.

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Thank you for helping us understand that consistency is key to being successful and to believe in yourself.

You may not be that tall physically, but your personality makes you the tallest person in the room.

Keep it up Diana. I am following your career and I enjoy your work – keep creating.

Shop Talk Diana Vivilecchia DearHairdresser.ca

Diana Vivilecchia
Master Colorist/Color Correction Specialist
Fiorio – Square One

How did you get your start in the industry?

I owe my start to my parents. I was surrounded by 2 strong role models who were both passionate about art, though in very different ways. My father is a painter. As a child I was always fascinated watching him mix paint colors and create shades. My mother was a stylist, owner of a salon and quite the fashionista herself. Unfortunately at a young age my mother was called by her angels and passed away.

Through her spirit I feel she passed on her passion for hair to me.

This also made me realize that life is short. It forced me to pursue what I loved. I enrolled in beauty school. On my first day I felt like I had arrived, as I found my true purpose. I am my parents’ daughter – fifteen years later I am painting hair and still mesmerized by this colorful industry.

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In this industry – you can never stop learning. You always have to be on top of all the new techniques, products and trends. How was it like training with celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham

I completely agree. Learning is imperative to a successful career. You have to keep the ball rolling. I’m addicted to knowledge and can’t get enough, it’s another way I draw in new inspirations. Like the old saying goes, “to double your income, triple your investment in yourself”

Tracey Cunningham has been a remarkable mentor to me. A favorite among many celebrity colorists. I am fortunate to have been trained by her. She is truly a master of her craft. Her sense of humility and approachability is something that I admire, intensely, about her. Her teaching rhythm is simplified and showcases a variety of her go to day to day techniques. Her workshops come in my highest of recommendations.

I think to have a long and satisfying career; you have to explore other opportunities away from being behind the chair. You just did a DV Colour Boot Camp hosted by 3dh Academy. Tell us how that came about. 

For the past decade I have led weekly workshops and developed the curriculum for Fiorio Square One. Throughout my career I have been given the chance to share my knowledge with other salon teams. I am always open to explore new opportunities to pay it forward and share my passion. it’s a great sense of fulfillment for me. With the large demand for color education. Through referrals and social media, I’ve been receiving more and more requests. My portfolio of color classes and extensive training has enabled me to customize a DV Boot Camp Color Workshop. Over the past 2 years, I have been in collaboration with 3DH Academy where they have hosted my workshops. There has been a lot of positive feedback from past participants, resulting in growing requests to enroll. Because of this they have given me the opportunity to be one of the faces for the academy . I’m honored!

How often do you get the opportunity to do editorial work, and what is it like collaborating with other artists on projects. 

As an artist, I love collaborating with all artists. Editorials are always filled with so much passion, positive energy and creativity.

“Creativity is contagious”

The anticipation toward the endless nights of coordinating these shoots are always well worth the hard work. It’s truly rewarding to watch a vision unravel and come to life. I try to make it a point to create an “it look” every season. I love the behind the scenes process I’d wish to do more of them I’ve yet to figure out how to make a day 25 hours instead of 24.

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Social media has taken over –it’s everywhere you can’t escape it. What advice do you have for stylists when it comes to promoting their work – through Instagram and other platforms?

Social media is a great tool to showcase work, to learn from everyone’s accomplishments. strive to inspire others and most especially, to stay inspired. The best advice that I can give stylists is to not take social media too seriously and also, not to compare themselves with others.

Be the best version of yourself.

Post the work you love to do. You can drive a lot of business through social media however a client is not considered Your client until they have visited your chair 3 times. Retaining your clients and keeping them happy is key. It’s the relationship built behind the chair and the end results that creates their loyalty and trust.

What inspires you as a Stylist?

I find inspiration in almost everything in life. Beauty is endless and limitless. We have the capacity to feel, channel our inner energy, explore it and express it. Losing myself in the beauty of art and colors, drawing myself into nature and disconnecting from the busy life are some ways I seek stimulation and spark my creativity. I stay inspired by being an inspiration to others as others are to me.

What are your favorite hair products at the moment?

Olaplex System, Nutri Color Creme by Revlon Professional , Kerastase Ciment Thermique, Kerastase Masque Therapiste.

What does the phrase “beauty from the inside out” mean to you?

True beauty goes beyond the reflection in the mirror. It’s a reflection of your soul. This is the most authentic beauty. When your beautiful within it manifests outwards. I believe that with self-acceptance, confidence, a positive attitude and loving heart you achieve this beauty. Physical beauty is superficial. Once we get past the physical beauty, there needs to be more substance from within.

Be kind to yourself, and extend kindness to others. Love without judgement and practice forgiveness.

I like asking this question – because I think it says a lot about a person. Describe yourself in five words or less.

Energetic, eager, passionate, caring.

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