It’s been a long distance friendship. One that’s been tested and tried, yet it keeps on going. I may not speak to Fabio for a few weeks then we talk and it’s back to that first day that we met in San Diego 15 years ago. Meeting Fabio was awesome.

He gave me life when I needed it.

I was ready to give up on this industry all together. I had made some bad moves and didn’t want to continue. I was new to it and didn’t know the business. I was a hairstylist, an artist and I didn’t have any business knowledge. Then I met Fabio and realized that there’s a way to be happy and still do this as a lifestyle and career.

His energy blew me away.Shop Talk Fabio Sementilli - DearHairdresser (10)

Fabio you have inspired so many in an industry that needed it. It needed someone. It was calling for you and you didn’t even know it. You were, and are, just being you and that’s what makes it work. So happy to be part of your journey and looking forward to the next 15 years.

Thank you for just being you.

Remember this…

As long as I have some money in my pocket and keys to a nice ride – life is beautiful.

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I’ve listened to you as often as I could and I took your advice. I grew my mind and grew my craft. I’m much more than a hero with scissors now, but you know me. At the core of it all, I’m still a hairdresser, a rebel and I’m always going to use my scissors to live the life I want.

No matter how successful we become. We are always rebels with scissors. That’s how we got here.

Love you Fabio. See you on the block bro.

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Fabio Sementilli
Vice President Education – North America, Coty Professional Beauty

Twitter: @fab_style
Facebook: Fabstyle

We both got our start in the industry working in barbershops – we also have family members that are in the industry as well. Do you think that you got into hairdressing because it’s in your blood – or is it something deeper than that?

In my blood for sure but more importantly in my heart. My sister Mirella was a hairdresser a few years before me and used to work in the coolest salon at that time and then did hair on Sunday in our basement. I was probably more of a pest but with a room full of beautiful women, cool music playing and a pocket full of tips what’s there not to like.

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Fabio with his sister Mirella Rota Sementilli.

You have been a great mentor to me throughout my career – your passion for our craft is inspiring and your passion for life is infectious. Why do you think having mentors in life is important?

Ramsey you have been so generous with me over the years and I appreciate you so much.

Mentors are important but I feel today it’s the most overused term these days. A mentor shouldn’t exclusively be the most popular or the wealthiest but should be someone who really knows you and can guide you honestly, when you lose your way or give you a kick in the pants if needed.

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What is the biggest lesson you learned from being a salon owner.

The biggest lesson I learned — great question Ramsey and one that I have made part of my life.

Today I refer to it as Creative Intelligence which is the balanced pursuit of technical excellence with business education. If I could go back I would balance my professional pursuits to include business education right from the start. Most salon owners open their salons on charm and hard work which gets you through the first year, but its business coaching and/or a business mentor that can enable you for long term success.

To be successful in our industry you need to have the technical skill and knowledge, that’s a given. But our profession is all about connecting with people – if you don’t have a personality or charisma – you won’t have a long career. What do you think it takes to be successful in our industry?

Another great “Ramsey style” question and my point of view on this is unwavering:

1) A Blueprint, understand and believe in your own worth, a blueprint is your compass.

2) You said it Ramsey –  It begins and ends with people.

3) Honesty/high moral character, if you cheat, break trust and use people, your reputation will get half way around the world before you wake up in the morning.

4) Supporting the Next Level of Greatness, whether you’re recognized as a great leader in the salon world, or corporate world – how well your people do is the ultimate measure of your success.

5) Capacity to translate a vision into inspiring results.

Where did you get the nickname Big Daddy?

I can’t answer that because it may incriminate me.

What inspires you as an artist?

Truthfully, its changed over the years but it used to be about the newest shape or coolest vibe executed perfectly. But, today I’m also inspired by the Instafamous stylists with huge followings, and Stylists who have demonstrated longevity and consistency in the industry with bullet proof reputations.

What was the philosophy behind Fab Fridays?

Rammer, so many of my friends and associates ask me to share my experiences, and share any golden nuggets that I come across which I’m more than happy to do and feel it’s also my responsibility, as a leader in our industry.

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You travel a lot – Toronto – LA – New York City – Europe. How many airplane selfies do you think you’ve taken over the years?

Lol, outside of counting them one by one I would guess 50-60 flight segments per year, X 5 years so approximately 250-300 airplane selfies.

It’s amazing how popular the selfies have become and I always enjoy taking them – even if folks on the plane may think it’s strange.

By the way Ramsey they will become part of my book one day –  The Accidental Executive.

Funny story, a flight attendant recognized me on a flight to Dallas and wanted a selfie to send to his mom, because his mother was a hairdresser and asked him to keep an eye out for me.

It really is all about the people.

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