When I met Paul, I instantly felt an energy from him that was very different from meeting others. It was an energy that I can best describe as addicting. It made me curious.

I wanted to know more about this artist.

He has this presence that makes you want to be around him. When he speaks, it’s like he’s drawing you a picture in your mind with his words. He has an honest way of describing his work and it makes you want to try it for yourself.

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Here I am with Daniel Di Tommaso and Paul at a show they did in Ottawa last year.

There’s an artist in all of us.

Paul’s artist symbol is blasting out of him. Whenever I see Paul, I always want to know how he’s doing. Speaking with him makes me feel good as a person and as an artist. I walk away feeling like that it was time well spent.

That’s the kind of energy Paul is giving to people. I feel like he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. I am always happy to attend his hair shows and classes. The energy and the knowledge he gives are next level.

Thank you Paul for being real and passing on this great energy of yours that’s inspiring so many. See you on stage hopefully one day soon.

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Paul Nasrallah
Hair Stylist/Wella Global Artist

Instagram: @paulnasrallah

How did you get your start in the industry?

The circumstances back in Lebanon put me in my family jewellery business but I always knew I wanted to be a hairdresser! I was always passionate about hair in every form, shape and colour from an early age. At the age of 9, I used to celebrate with my mom her weekly hair appointment. At the age of 10 years I performed my first haircut on my friend, on the rooftop of our building using a straight blade. Sure I made some holes and dips but it was a cool haircut.

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The craftsmanship in jewellery and hairdressing have a similar connection. They are both a fine art form, from design conception to finishing. They both compliment by making women beautiful.

Unfortunately the war created few opportunities, so I came to Canada. I started as an assistant. I was inspired by many artists and great craftsmanship around me. I was always told that I was doing well, but it was not enough for me. I knew I had to invest in education to enable my creativity and celebrate creating. I always saw that hairdressing had more than one path, from the individual fortes of hairdressers I saw out there.

I was always hungry to learn more and felt the passion to teach.

Shop Talk Paul Nasrallah - DearHairdresser.ca (10)Allied Beauty Association – Montreal

How has being a Wella Global Artist changed your career?

Being a Wella Global Artist is a great achievement but it comes from years of continuous hard work and dedication. I am a husband, father of 2 boys, on the go, work everyday, but being a Wella Global Artist comes with a lot of responsibilities.

That’s what keeps me going, it keeps my creative juice flowing and keeps me current.

It offered me a path that I always wanted to have and it opened true doors and opportunities. I believe you either move with time or time will move you out. I have no fear of making mistakes and my biggest fear is remaining the same. We need to constantly work on shaping and forming ourselves, a continuous growth with premium education.

It’s an honour being the first Wella Global Artist from Canada and I hope it inspired other hairdressers to keep on dreaming and believing that you can achieve.

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As a hair stylist, I give each client their own unique look – tailored to their lifestyle and personality. But, the other value I add – is the advice on how to style their hair while their at home. What is your view?

As a hairdresser behind the chair, in classes, seminars or shows one of my golden rules is always to promote hairdressers to invest more of their time after servicing a client.  Whether it is cut, colour or style – show the client on how they can duplicate their new look at home, by what type of brush they need to use and recommend products they need to use.

It is important for me to share with clients how to take control of their new look, not to make them hairdressers but to enable them to re-create your masterpiece.

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Paul with Stylists Stephen Moody, Dana Lyseng and Philip Ferreira.

I think to be a great stylist – you need to have the skills but communication skills are key too. What do you think?

Absolutely. Communication skills are key for building trust and for sharing what you believe in the most. You need to be very comfortable to be able to speak about yourself, but also as comfortable to speak about your passion and your recommendations as a professional artist.

That is where you can showcase and celebrate your hairdressing skills.

You need to stay sharp and education will help you. You also need to add your taste to your work, within your skills, to bring out your own signature.

It is important to promote your forte, whether a cutter, wedding specialist, colour expert or all, and promote this to your clients, friends and colleagues. If you achieve these, you already have good quality in servicing clientele.

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Paul with Omar Antonio and Sonya Dove.

You get to work with a lot of great artists. Who inspires you as an artist?

We are in an exciting industry. I get inspired by many artists.

As a Wella Artist, I have met and worked on many exciting projects with great talents on a global level. It was my dream to have a chance to celebrate the hair message and share the stage with: Dmitry Vinokurov, Mark Hayes, Fabio Sementilli, Sonya Dove, Christopher Dove, Omar Antonio.

And, let me not forget how grateful I am to work yearly with a number of great talents from the Canada and US Wella Top Stylists and -Design Team, who I call Wella Mutants: Forces of education, led with passion and culture.

From a young age I was always inspired by Vidal Sassoon’s way and Vidal Sassoon’s education. It has always been my key to create and I’m always on the hunt and inspired by individuals who master those keys.

The beauty of our industry is creating beautiful things.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many artists around the world. I have continuous respect for Fabio Sementilli who always allowed us to lead with culture and passion, and because of his trust without fear.

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What are some of your favorite must have hair products?

Definitely Perfect Me from EIMI styling products. You can find it in the smoothing pillar. It is a light weight beauty balm, I use it while cutting on wet hair, excellent for all hair types leaving hair naturally smooth and gives shiny effect.

Dry Me from EIMI styling products, it is what I call second generation of dry shampoo. It has multi benefits and protection, awesome fresh scent, I used it on all hair types during shows, photo shoots and everyday on my clients while building volume and texture.

Thermal protecting spray is a must have at all time for all hair types, applied on hair before the use of hot tools like flat or curling irons, provides premium protection to colours from fading especially light pastel colours.

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Hair: Christopher Dove, Sonya Dove, Paul Nasrallah
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: Eric J. Allen
Stylist: Amanda Durham

This is going back a few years, but I love the interpretation of the Blaze trend you did on the cover of Modern Salon’s 2012 cover – Blaze of Glory.  What do you like best about editorial projects?

Every little detail that brings the vision to life, trendsetting a look from an artist’s vision.

The beauty of editorials is it brings a whole character to life from a seed of inspiration, and it is important to have a clear theme and vision starting from wardrobe to accessories to bring this character to life.

It is about sharing with the world the artistic reality that lives in the artist’s mind.

The choice of model and sharing your vision with the model is key. To win the picture is to have great communication with your model. The final look needs to be as present as what lives in your mind’s vision, bringing out a dramatic moment captured in a second that lives a lifetime.

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Écaille Wella Spring Summer 2016

Hair: Paul G. Nasrallah and Philip Ferreira
Models: Jenny Richardson and Mandy Thai
Makeup: Angelica Polsinelli

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