Smiling is one of the most important pieces of our brand.

Yes smiling.

In March 2011 Ron Gutman, founder and CEO of HealthTap, made a presentation at a TED conference called The hidden power of smiling. Since then over 3.7 million people have viewed his talk.

“Smiling is one of the most basic, biologically-uniform expressions of all humans.”
Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman describes smiling as a superpower that helps you and everyone around you live a longer, healthier and happier life. The video is only a little over seven minutes but it really made me think.

Children smile more than 400 times a day. Adults smile maybe more than 20 times a day. Research proves that it feels better than eating chocolate, so you should do it for your own self pleasure. With stats like that, we have to wonder – why is it that we are not smiling more often?

I think what happens is stress and life’s pressures get in the way of that smile.  But, if someone is frowning it’s hard for them to continue to frown if you’re smiling at them, which in return makes them feel good.

Since it feels good, we must be advocates of smiling and smiling more, for ourselves and for the people around us. Our guests will appreciate it and so will our coworkers.


Smiling is contagious. What’s better than having that great feeling going around in our salons. It’s very important to our brand and to our well being.

I liked this talk because it made me realize how important smiling actually is and that something so easy, that costs us nothing to have, can make us feel so good. We don’t need to work for it. Don’t need anything at all to have it. We are born with it. It’s a gift that makes us and the world around us better. We need to remember not to take it for granted and practice it all the time. It’s truly one of life’s joys. It’s the thing we do after we do anything that makes us feel happy and good inside.

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