The power of words. Man this is such a good topic. I don’t even know where to begin.

I always say that there are only two things we can control in this world, what’s going into our mouths and what’s coming out. So choose wisely.

It’s a powerful comment.

If we think about everything we put into our bodies, such as food, liquids, cigarettes and medication, only we control what enters our bodies. So how we look and feel, from our skin looking healthy to our body shape and internal health, is one of the main results of what’s going into our mouths.

Second is what’s coming out. This is a topic that I think humans have known about since the beginning of time.

The Power of Words - (2)

What we say or write can have a huge impact on the direction our lives take. For example, in the beauty industry, it is a topic that can make or break a career. I mean let’s face it, most people come to us for an experience. They want to go to the stylists who gives them the best look and style, while providing an amazing experience. Our duty is to be the best we can be in our craft. So we can create something that’s beautiful, hot, and sexy for every single guest that sits in our chair. And, we need to do it all while smiling and making them feel loved and appreciated for choosing us to be their hair stylist.

I think I’m on the right track.

There so many of us doing hair, grinding everyday, trying to make a living by creating walking art. What’s going to separate the good, the bad, and dare I say the ugly.

Well. It all comes down to our work and our words.

We must know our craft practically. But more importantly what makes us true professionals, is our ability to provide a wonderful environment for our guest by choosing the words that we use to speak about our craft and their hair needs. Know what you are using on their hair, take the the time to research and learn about color and all the products you are using. Speak about their lives and careers. Speak about yours. Develop a relationship with your client. Create a bond that is strong and keeps them loyal to you, all while maintaining and training yourself to be the best spoken and best practical stylist in the world.

Yes – aim high.

Raise your level of skill and raise your level of vocabulary. I am an immigrant that didn’t speak a word of English. Now I write my own blog and I am very successful hair stylist that is not afraid to speak to anyone from any industry or profession, because I believe in my words. Even though my vocabulary is only 10 words, maybe 11. Just kidding – anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good conversation and to joke around.

I love my team and we love our guests. We will strive to give them the best experience by speaking to them with the upmost respect and professionalism, simply because they deserve that effort from us for choosing to give us their time and money.

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