I love what I do, but I also have other passions outside of my profession – like football.

This month, every Sunday, I saw players, coaches, and referees wearing pink game gear. As you may know, October was breast cancer awareness month. In the NFL, the “A Crucial Catch” campaign focused on the importance of regular breast cancer screenings.  The pink gear was worn in an effort to help raise awareness for this important campaign.

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I think being diagnosed with cancer is probably one of the most difficult battles a person can face – emotionally, physically, and mentally. It takes courage and determination to deal with all the side effects.

Hair is such a big part of who we are – society places such an emphasis on beauty, especially for women.

A common side effect of cancer treatment is hair loss – this can be extremely difficult to cope with emotionally and physically – because it is a constant reminder that you are sick.

I have been a hair stylist for over 20 years. I get to experience so many happy occasions with my clients but also losses and hard times. If you are a hair stylist, dealing with a client who is going through treatment, the best advice I can give you is listen. Then with the information they give you, you can come up with options for them before and after treatment.

During your consultation these are just a few of the things that might need to be considered :
– scalp care
– wigs
– hair coverings
– haircut/hair style options
– hair product options
– skin sensitivity

Don’t forget you can also ask for advice from your peers, a mentor – there are so many resources you can turn to for help. In the end, as always, we want our clients to feel beautiful on the inside and out. That is the best gift we can give.

This year I am on the Executive Team for Hair Donation Ottawa. They raise funds for cutting edge child and adult cancer research and empower kids with hair loss by providing them with free wigs. This is something that I am very proud of, I get to work with a great group of people, with a great mission. Please take a moment to visit the website and see how you can help.

Website: Hair Donation Ottawa

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