When a lawyer is walking down the street and someone slips in front of him and breaks their leg, usually he will help them and as the ambulance is driving off, he’ll slip the “victim” his card a say “when you want to sue, give me a call.”

I’m a hair stylist and I see people walking down the street all the time with terrible hair. Hair that is out-of-date and dry. Basically, it’s a do that needs professional help. Would it be wrong if I gave that person my card and said “come see me”? It might be. However, I bet you their friends would say – “please give them your card and help them change their style.”


 Hairstyles done by Jessica (left) Hannah (right).

I’m sure we all know someone like this. Instead of talking about them behind their back, let’s help them.

People who need help with their hair or their fashion sense generally have no clue. They generally just don’t know. It’s not as bad if it’s being done on purpose, because that is a style in itself. However, if this person is not aware of their lack of personal style and they look funny, then it’s not cool at all.

I think that everyone should be accepted in this world – people from all walks of life, but there is still a way to do this and still have a good fashion sense.


You don’t go to the office in camping gear and you don’t go camping in your suit. Get it?

There is a time and place for certain fashion and hairstyles. As a professional, I try to give people a better sense of fashion. We may not be in Paris or Milan, but we can try to be. The fun is in trying.

There is something about a magazine ad that is appealing. It’s because someone took the time to dress the model and made sure that everything looked right from the hair to the shoes. There is a way for everyone to do this with a budget they can afford. There are hair salons in this city that know how to do your hair without the big prices. Find a hair stylist that you can afford and that has a good fashion sense. Sometimes it’s okay to go over your budget too – especially when you need something badly enough – like a good hair stylist.


At the end of the day looking good is part of our society. Looking good makes you feel good. We only get one life – let’s live it in style.

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