How often should you get your hair cut?

It’s one of life’s big debates. Unfortunately there is no easy answer – it all depends on the hairstyle and what chemical processes you have done to your hair. So the answer will be unique – just like you.

Your hair stylist should be able to help you out with this during your consultation, but here is my advice on how often you should go to the salon for haircuts in order maintain your hairstyle – more importantly keep it looking/feeling healthy and beautiful.

Before I get started I want to make two points.



Medium to Long Hair: In order to keep it looking healthy, you need regular salon visits. Why? The longer the hair the more fragile it is – which means breakage, split ends etc. If you add color and/or highlights – the more damage you are likely to have. If you think about it – it’s really just common sense.

Typically you should go for trims every 8 weeks but if your hair is more prone to damage, it can be every 6 weeks.

Short Hair: When you have short hair it’s all about keeping it looking fresh and maintaining shape, so it requires a little more maintenance. For women – typically you should go for trims every 4-6 weeks, for men  every 4-5 weeks.

Chemically Processed Hair: Color and highlights will add life to your hair but the downside is these processes can cause hair to become dry, break and split, so trims will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. On average,  you should go for trims every 6 weeks for sure or every color.

Growing Your Hair Out: This is the biggest misconception among clients. Your hair needs to be healthy in order to grow. It needs regular care and maintenance, just like your skin and teeth.  As a rule of thumb, you should go for trims every month and a half to two months. Signup

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