For as long as I have been in the industry, there has been a debate about the benefits of using salon quality products. Some clients get it – some don’t.

What if?

Sometimes I wonder what if people could just understand why I recommend hair products, or what if they understood how to use them, would they believe me then?

“The beauty of any style starts with the right care”

Michael Polsinelli
Sebastian Global Art Director

A Walking Billboard - (4)

I love what I do. I keep up-to-date on all the new hair products, because I want my clients to have the same results at home as when I style their hair.

Well maybe not the same – because I’m like the Gucci of hair and not everyone can do what I do.

A big part of my success as a stylist and business owner are my clients. I want to keep them happy and ultimately use them as a walking billboard, for my work and shop.

TIP: When your stylist is applying product to your hair – watch and observe. And – ask questions. This way you can get the best results from your hair products when you are at home.

What If -

Sebastian Professional | Dark Oil

This is a brand new product. The cool thing about Dark Oil, is that it feels like a gel but does the job of a hair styling oil. Don’t be intimidated, even though it’s dark in color it’s lightweight and disappears into the hair in a couple of seconds. It will help restore your hair by adding body/shine and help you achieve the desired look when styling. The other thing that is nice about this styling oil is that it has protection against UV damage.

Do you have dry/damaged hair?

This product helps maintain moisture in the hair, so it will help prevent dry ends from breakage. It’s like what cream does for dry skin. The oil will smooth the hair cuticle and give the appearance of healthy hair.

How do you use this product?

What if - (2)

This is the trick you need to learn, when it comes to using hair products – how much to use. The general rule of thumb is 1-2 pumps. But, you also have to consider the length and texture of the hair.

This product can be used on dry or damp hair, through mid-lengths and ends, then go ahead and style.

TIP: When I say damp – I don’t mean soaking wet. Gently remove the excess moisture first then apply the product. Signup

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