What makes a successful career?

Well, you have to have passion and dedication but you also have to have the necessary skills and education. It’s a combination of all these things.

In most professions – the learning never stops. Whether you are just starting or have been in a career for 15-20 years.

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Knowledge is key – to grow in your profession.

Can you imagine if your doctor stopped their education after they got their PhD? It would be crazy right? The medical field is always making advancements and new discoveries.

If you’re a doctor, having the latest medical information and research at your fingertips – is so important. That is why doctors read medical journals; go to conferences and why hospitals are always looking for the best and most up-to-date technology.

For stylists and the hair industry it’s the same thing.

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Education is key.

As a salon owner – my business is only as strong as my team. Our industry is very competitive – we always need to be on top of our game and up to date with all the trends: hair, beauty and fashion.

Invest in your team.

At our shops we invest in education. We make courses mandatory for stylists at each level. The benefits outweigh the costs by a long shot.


Skills and knowledge build confidence – our stylists become more inspired and happier.

It creates good energy, motivates others on the team. Clients will feel it – it’s contagious. All this means that we can offer the best experience possible for all our guests.

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Wella Education App 

What’s really cool about the app is that I can create my own profile. It’s more personalized, which makes me feel like it’s mine.

Simple and clean is how I describe this app.

I can easily navigate through it to different areas of the industry, like how to do a balayage technique using free lights by Wella or traditional colour like Koleston Perfect with foils.

Obviously this app is all about the Wella world and what a wonderful world it is. They talk about the new trends and what the inspirations are behind them.

Let’s face it, with YouTube, the internet and all the social media apps, we are never out of touch of what’s the latest trends are in our industry. Our responsibility is to take the time, do the research, watch, read and apply these techniques in our shops. This app is yet another tool to help us do this, but it just makes it a little more fun and personal. Wella Education App - DearHairdresser (4)
I am a stylist that’s free to learn however I choose and so are you. If it doesn’t feel good or you feel like you’re not learning, simply look elsewhere. We are no longer restricted to what’s available only in our surroundings. We now have access to the world.

Let’s use this time, live free and express ourselves through our craft.

The videos and the product knowledge are amazing. It really shows off Wella and the umbrella of products under it. I also loved the step by step – very easy to understand. It makes you feel empowered to show off what you’ve learned to your clients and peers.

This app gives you the tools and knowledge to stay current and that’s the key in this industry.

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