I know you’re ready for a trip but is your hair ready?

When people go on vacation, they do certain things to get ready so they can look good on the beach – it makes sense.

We live in a country that has 6 months of winter weather. Let’s face it, sitting on the beach, relaxing and walking around with a pina colada feels good – especially with our long, hard, Canadian winters. Just walking around in a bathing suit feels absolutely amazing to Canadians, because it gives that feeling of freedom. Finally we are out of the armour that protects us from freezing to death in this minus whatever weather. You get the picture. Let me guess – you are planning your trip as you are reading this.

We go out of our way to make sure that our body is ready for the sun and for people to see us in very little clothing. Removing the unwanted hair on our bodies, going to the spa for a manicure and pedicure are probably the first things people think about. But there is one more very important thing that we sometimes forget about – our hair!

Sometimes we think our hair will just take care of itself.

This is not the case.

Just like our bodies, our hair has endured the hard, long, Canadian winter. It gets dry and brittle from the cold. It needs TLC the same as our skin, nails and body.

Going to a hair stylist is a must. Actually it is the most important. A stylist has many ways to prepare not only your hair for the sun but your scalp as well. Your scalp is skin too and the sun will get to it the same way it gets to everything else.

Most people don’t realize that 90% of us have scalp issues. A scalp analysis, uses a scope that magnifies your scalp allowing a stylist to see your hair challenges.

Dryness on the scalp in the winter is very common and now we are taking this dry scalp and throwing it under the scorching sun. We are just asking for trouble – sunburn, itchiness and flaking.

There are three elements that can cause our hair to get dry and brittle in the sun.

We start with water. Whether it is chlorine from the pool or salt from the ocean – both will dry it out. Second is the air. Blowing air has salt and sand from the beach. Of course, third is the sun. The almighty sun that we crave and desire – it makes us feel so good. However, if not taken seriously, it can do a lot of damage. Our hair can be bleached by the sun, just like we can bleach it with chemical bleach and peroxide – two words that hair salon guests are afraid to hear. But, they will go out and sit in the sun for hours and do the same or even worse damage to their hair.

Stylist can help protect your hair from these elements. As well, we can protect your hair color from being bleached by the sun – whether it is your natural hair color or not. You pay big bucks for your hair to get colored – why let the sun damage it?

Salons have treatments that can be done before you leave on your trip, and products that you can bring with you. Humans were not made to travel from one extreme temperature to another is just hours – without it having an effect on our bodies.

Vacations are important – if you can – please take one. Do what it takes to make this happen once a year, but take the precautions you need to make it enjoyable as possible, so that you can celebrate surviving a long year of hard work and another Canadian winter.

If you have any questions on hair care – please send me an email dearhairdresser@hotmail.com.



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