What an amazing way to give one of the things we take for granted. The one thing that is the key to life – water.

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Beauty Gives Back is creating their #lovestory one well at a time.

We are so blessed to be living in a country where all we have to do is turn on the tap to get safe and clean water.

I am honored to say that Eden and these fellow artist involved are my friends. You guys rock.

Let’s do this.

I hope that everyone in our community sees the importance of this project and supports you.

C’mon hair misfits let’s make a difference using our craft.


In 2013, Eden Sassoon was introduced to The Thirst Project and her life was changed forever.

Her father (Vidal Sassoon) believed if the hairdressing community came together as one, they could create miracles.

It has become her mission, with Beauty Gives Back, to unite the beauty industry through education to create a better world for those around us.


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The Beauty Gives Back  Art Team – talented, passionate, people united to help end thirst.

Beauty Gives Back is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting the professional beauty industry in the fight against the global water crisis. Eden Sassoon has led the charge in building a team of the most elite and sought after hairdressers in the world, to raise funds for The Thirst Project through educational events devoted to furthering the craft of hairdressing.

To find out more about this great initiative click on the logo below.

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