I’ve mentioned before that a good relationship with your team plays an important part in preserving confidence in your brand.

An important part of your brand is building a salon culture.

Here are some tips on creating a “culture” for your salon.

No. 1

All new stylists must undergo a period of time where they assist stylists who have worked at the salon for many years. This is so they can learn the salon culture/language – in theory and practice – of how you do things differently from another salon.

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No. 2

I strongly believe that you don’t attract top talent, you create it. However, it takes a person who wants to be on top to make it there. Treat your team members as family; Have team leaders and mentors. Never stop challenging them so they never fall short of their capabilities; participate in competitions, hair shows, fashion events and international and local community events.

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No. 3

Physical space is also important to a salon culture. It sets the tone and the mood for your team as well as your guests. My salons are set up as a “one room show,” free from the restrictions of walls or barriers, the design of which is intended to create a working environment where our stylists can create and self-express and share as artists. The result is that stylists can showcase their work freely, surrounded by good company, food, music, and laughter.


No. 4

Close the gap between owner and stylist. Especially for those of us who began as stylists, which is 90% of salon owners – we must remember where we started, and by doing this we don’t lose focus on the love of the craft. This will inspire your team and ignite their passion.

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