I love Los Angeles – a great city for fashion and hair. There are many reasons why, but for me it’s about the Hollywood culture. The music and movie industries still have the most influence on hair and fashion and I love being there for that reason.

Don’t get me wrong, the coast is beautiful – the mountains, the canyons, valleys, the cars and restaurants – I can go on and on, however as a hair stylist and artist, it’s about the hair and fashion.


Venice Beach. The place I got my first tattoo.

L.A. has a different and more laid back approach to life and it comes through in their fashion – unlike Paris, Milan and Montreal – they take fashion seriously. Los Angeles does as well, but in a west coast California kinda of way. I think you understand what I’m saying.

Roughly about 300 people a day land in L.A. to try and make it big in Hollywood. Dreamers from all over the world come to act, model, sing or dance their way to success. Imagine all these different cultures and artist in one place.


The stylist and the artist. This guy painted this huge wall. Gotta love the art district.

Remember, wherever you have the arts you have many different kinds of people – that’s what gives L.A. its style.

All these artists make Los Angeles cool – there are no expectations, anything goes and no one judges anyone, in a place where plastic surgery is big and being on an A-list is so important. It’s strange really, how it goes from the who’s who to being hipster. Hipsters have been in L.A. for years and now it’s mainstream all over the world.

L.A. is also all about making money of course – which is another reason it’s a neat place to visit – there are lots of luxuries such as beautiful hotels, amazing cars, valet on every corner, at every restaurant, best designers and jewellery in the world.


I love shopping and the lifestyle in Santa Monica – it’s a great place because they have a fantastic variety of stores and it’s a place where you can sit on a bench and watch people from all walks of life perform in the streets.

I love watching all the different hairdos. I can almost tell where the influence came from – which movie, musical artist and now even reality TV celebrities. I can see it all.

In Ottawa you can do the same – however it’s not as exciting as Los Angeles, not even close. Especially when everyone is wearing hats because it’s minus 20. Catch my drift.

L.A. is the best way for any artist to get rejuvenated or get up to speed on things. The arts are always changing and so is L.A.


Some of the hair color trends coming out of L.A. this spring are cool blondes and warm rose golds. Brunettes are always in with lighter pieces throughout and in different forms of balayage. Check out the colours from Wella’s Illumina line and Instamatic. They have the nicest pastel tones for this time of year.

I highly recommend that if you ever have the chance to visit the west coast take a few days and dive into the Los Angeles culture. Truly an amazing experience.


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