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Eye in the Sky

I have been a salon owner for 16 years now. I make a good living for myself and for my family, but it hasn’t been easy to say the least....


Harness your passion

Finding out why you were born is half the battle but it doesn’t end there. Like I said in my post Some secrets to success – you need to stay...


Ripple Effect

Respect. It’s something we all want – whether it’s with our personal or professional relationships. It makes us feel valued and appreciated. Let’s say you invite someone to your home...


Dream with eyes wide open

This week, I’m taking a quick look back at the TrendVision Awards. It’s the hair industries version of haute couture fashion. For those of you who don’t know, this is an elite hair...


A Winning Team

Whether it’s for a sport, competition, award or contest – the ultimate goal should be to come out on top. Have you ever watched the players of the losing team...


Practice makes perfect

If you’re a professional, you’ll want to be the best at what you do. You never hear anyone say I just want to be average – at least no one I...