Finding out why you were born is half the battle but it doesn’t end there. Like I said in my post Some secrets to success – you need to stay motivated.
Stay motivated.

Always look for inspiration from your peers, whether it’s in the same industry or not. Motivation is all around us. Seek it. It won’t seek you. We need constant motivation. It’s a very important part of the battle. You need it to fuel you, so you never give up on your goals.

The Olympics is taking place right now in Brazil. Athletes have a competitive spirit and that’s what pushes them to be the best.

They surround themselves with the best trainers, coaches, nutritionist – who motivate them to push themselves beyond their limits.

When athletes compete, they are surrounded by people who have the same dedication and passion. It drives them harder to get that gold medal. The competition brings out the best in them all.

It fuels them.

Harness your passion - 3

I’ve never been to the Olympics – obviously. But I do connect with the athletes drive and passion for their sport.

I am in a profession where I am surrounded by people who are passionate, creative and love hair, style and fashion. People who do what they love and love what they do.

I seek out inspiration everywhere I can – at the shop, hair shows, competitions and industry events. My favorite way is traveling – seeing beautiful places and meeting amazing and talented artists.

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

Over my 20 plus years in the industry, I have built many great friendships – people who I can turn to for advice and inspiration. Artist who motivate me to bring my work to the next level.

It’s a great feeling to have such an amazing network that I can turn to at any time. It’s these relationships that I cherish most. This is why I’m humbled by those who see me as a mentor. It really is one of the greatest compliments anyone can give me. Signup
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