Last week I shared a quote from my mentor and friend Fabio Sementilli:

“The bestlooking hairdresser does not win the race. Showing up on time, paying it forward, being consistent, sharing your weaknesses and strengths—these create the best hairdressers in the world.”

Well said Fabio. There is a reason you are my mentor. I choose well, don’t I?

One thing that I’ve been doing on a personal level and with the Texture Team is that we have been actively paying it forward year in and year out. I am so proud of the Texture Team and the way they’ve been giving their time, energy and money to many different causes and charities. We believe that you have to give back.

We are so blessed to have this life here in Canada. I come from a country that was and sometimes still is plagued by war. I know what tough times are.

My team and I are grateful for our lives because we get to do what we love everyday – making a living and supporting ourselves and loved ones. We are proud to give back – here are some of the ways we’ve paid it forward.


JOURNEY 24K is a charity gala, organized by Gabriella’s Groupies to raise awareness and money for kids fighting cancer. For the past two years the guys from Texture Hair Salon and Texture Hair Boutique have volunteered their time to style hair for the events glam lounge.

The founder of Gabriella’s Groupies is a longtime client of Damien from our downtown location.


In March the staff at Texture Hair Salon volunteered their time for a Blow Out Bar – a fundraiser held at the salon to support one of our Stylist Katrina who was raising money for CARE Canada.




On April 26th the team from Texture Hair Boutique and I will be participating in the 5th Annual Hair Donation Ottawa fundraising event.

Stylists will provide a wash, cut and style (and/or head shaves) for people who are fundraising and donating their hair to the program. Money raised goes towards cancer research as well as an annual $500 Bursary to a financially disadvantaged Algonquin College Hair Stylist student to help offset their tuition fees. All 6″+ hair donations go to a company providing free wigs for financially challenged children and young adult cancer patients across Canada.


We are happy to be part of all these great causes and play a role in making a difference in people’s lives. Thank you to all our clients that support us, because of you we are able to support others and give back to our community and beyond.

If you are a stylist, I encourage you to to find ways to give back to your community. Paying it forward will help build your brand and it’s a great way for you and your team to do something amazing together. Signup

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