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Here is an excerpt from my interview I did with Yasmin Grothé from Salon Magazine on the latest hair color trend for men. To check out the rest of the article click here.

Work it!

“There’s definitely a big trend for greyish blonde in men’s hair colour at the moment,” confirms Ramsey Sayah, owner of award-winning Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa and blogger at “We’re seeing a lot of young professionals come in the salon asking for all-over silver – not just streaks or highlights like in the past.”

Silver Foxes Salon Magazine 3

Aaron Ramsey – Instagram

Teens, too, embraced the trend the second Bieber snapped pics of his silver-blonde coif on Instagram last summer. And when global soccer superstars Lionel Messi and Aaron Ramsey started experimenting with the look, it became even more relatable and approachable for salon clients. Because trends often begin with celebrities and then filter down to the mainstream, “It makes you feel secure when you see others wearing a certain style,” says Sayah.

Older men?

“Naturally, grey hair blends superbly well with these cool hues, and it’s a style right now,” says Sayah. “It’s definitely an interesting time for more mature guys to experiment with their silver.” Signup

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