Over the years I’ve won business awards from different publications and associations. It feels great to be recognized for something that I’m passionate about and have invested so much of my time and energy towards.

I became successful through hard work and determination. Simple as that.

I immigrated to Canada with my parents and brother from Lebanon. When we came here, we didn’t have much. So, I always worked hard and pushed to get ahead. This is what my parents instilled in me and my brother at a very young age. Failure was not an option. Even if you do fail, you keep on trying.

My parents also taught us to appreciate everything that came our way, whether it was positive or negative. When positive things happen – appreciate and enjoy them. When negative things happen, that is when you really learn life lessons. So, we were taught to embrace both.

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.”
– Richard Branson

I plan to talk more about this subject in the months to come, but here are a few tips and words of wisdom for aspiring business owners.

Always practice positive thinking, everyday all day. Write things down on a piece of paper – goals, dreams, vacations, relationships and pretty much anything you want to achieve. Prioritize them. It’s very important to know what you want. This will tell you a lot about yourself and give you direction.

Have a plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Have it mapped out right in front of you. Things may change along the way but that’s okay. It’s good to have a guideline to follow.

Work hard.

Work so hard that it hurts, but keep healthy. Exercise your body and mind. They are connected. If your body is out of shape, your mind will not be as sharp and vice versa.

Stay motivated.

Always look for inspiration from your peers, whether it’s in the same industry or not. Motivation is all around us. Seek it. It won’t seek you. We need constant motivation. It’s a very important part of the battle. You need it to fuel you, so you never give up on your goals.

Master your craft.

Whatever it is that you choose as a career, master it. Simply be the best at what you do. This doesn’t guarantee success because success is really an attitude, but it is a crucial stepping stone to achieving it.

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey

Ultimately the success that I’ve achieved in my life has been because of my family and friends. My son Nicolas is my proudest achievement yet. He’s a wonderful young man now. The teams from both my salons, industry peers, my mentors and business partners – all these great people in my life give me purpose and determination to never give up.

Success. It’s an attitude.

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