I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I became successful through hard work and determination. Simple as that.

There is a quote that I love and it’s says “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” So really all that it means is that if we don’t work hard good things might still happen, because of sheer luck, but our chances of it happening without work is pretty slim.

I don’t know about you, but I like to raise my chances of success as much as possible. Life is too short not to be lucky and if you love what you do, it’s not work anyways.

Having the passion and drive to excel in doing something that we love to do – now that’s working and living. Your job should be a lifestyle. Find your lifestyle and work hard to get lucky.

I shared a few tips on how to run a successful salon, in an interview I did with Salon Magazine back in December. Please check it out.


New Years Business Resolutions for Your Salon

Written by Yasmin Grothé Published: 29 December 2014

Success in the salon goes beyond genius cutting skills or your flair as a colour whiz. Here are five easy tips that Ramsey Sayah, owner of Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa, shared with Salon Magazine to stay one step ahead of the game during the holiday season and beyond. Your clients will thank you.

1. Plan the year ahead

“As a team manager, you should sit down regularly with your staff and plan for the quarter coming up. In our salon, we outline all the major holidays and implement strategies, fun promotions and events that will please the client.You have to include the client in your salon life!They look forward to a full experience when they come to see you.” It also helps the staff know what’s coming up, and they have a chance to get better in the process. “To achieve success, you have to have a plan,” stresses Sayah.

2. Send out holiday greeting cards

Every time your client comes in, have the receptionist confirm that their email is still correct. If you want to use your email list as a handy marketing tool, “It’s important that it contains a lot of names and that it’s current,” explains Sayah, whose thriving salon business includes two locations in Ottawa. In early December, simply send out holiday greeting e-cards thanking the client for their business over the past year.

3. Pre-book in December

Give your clients a reason to book their appointments early, by adding a 20 per cent discount coupon that can only be exchanged for services in January or February into the greeting card. “This ensures that you’ll have pre-booked appointments during the January slump so that you can better manage those slower weeks,” says Sayah, adding that “it’s crucial to book your January-February appointments as early as possible to ensure you will get enough clients and income at the beginning of the year.”


4. Consultations are critical

According to Sayah, everything happens during the consultation — not just a change of cut or colour. Even if you and your client have been working together for years, it’s very important that you never overlook the consultation process. It’s the perfect time to upsell a new colour service, talk about the products you’re going to be using and rebook the next appointment. “That’s the moment the client makes a mental commitment to buy the product and to come back and see you in four weeks. Every stylist has to learn to do this. That way, the client knows what to expect to pay and you look like a savvy and polished professional.”

5. Two words: “Its new!”

“Professional hairstyling goes hand in hand with fashion,” notes Sayah. Your clients come to see you because they want to look good and find out what’s coming up in terms of trends. You are the beauty expert they trust. “We all love what’s new, so it’s always good to suggest a little bit of a change, even if it’s not that dramatic,” explains Sayah. “Sometimes by slightly changing the style and the colour, your client will feel a boost of self-confidence and you, in turn, will sell more products and colour.” So go ahead, have fun with what’s new and see how far these two simple words can take you in the new year.


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