All artist have tools to create their masterpieces.

Painters have a canvass, brushes and paint.

Singers start off writing their song with a pen and paper.

Hair stylists are artists too.

Each guest that sits in our chair is our canvass and we use our hair tools and products to create beautiful hairstyles.

Hair products are so important to what I do as a stylist. It allows me to mold and shape the hair – helping my visions and my guest visions become a reality.

I’m always moving – I can’t sit still. My fuel in life is my freedom.

I am so lucky to be in an industry that is always evolving – every season there are new trends in hair, beauty and fashion. It breathes new life into the salons, on the streets and into our lives.

Using the most innovative hair products allows me and my team to stay on top of our game. It challenges us, allows us to be creative and helps bring our visions to life.

It makes me a better leader and stylist because it opens up a new world of options for hair styling. It makes me excited to go into work and keeps my passion for my career going.

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Take style to the next step.


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Transformation is innovation.


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Fashion and Hair – A match made in heaven

In order for a designer to have a good showing at fashion week, everything has to be on point. The design, cut and fit of the clothing, the right model, music and accessories. The most important accessory is the hair.

Hair stylist and make up artists help make the clothing come to life – they help tell the designers story for each piece of clothing that comes down the runway. Whether it is ready-to-wear or haute couture – we as hair stylist breathe life into fashion. Hair is, after all, the ultimate accessory.

Eruptek was one of the products used by Anthony Cole, Sebastian Professional International Artist for Christian Siriano’s NYFW Fall 2016 showing.

“When I’m deconstructing the braid, I use a little bit of Eruptek with my hands so I can really open up the braid, have control and at the same time get a matte texture.”
(Beauty Laundpad)

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