The man bun – love it or hate it – you can’t stop it.

When did the man bun trend start?

The man bun or variations of it go way back – we’re talking centuries. Google it – you’ll be surprised how far back in history it goes – it didn’t start with David Beckham. For example, Samurai warriors shaved the tops of their heads and pulled the sides back into a topknot called a chomage. It was more than a hairstyle – it was a status symbol. If a Samurai lost a battle they would cut off their topknot as a sign of shame.

The man bun craze has taken off mainly because of celebrities like Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix and Harry Styles, just to name a few. It started in New York City in late 2012 by the hipster culture. Hipsters were trying to get away from the undercut and wanted a longer hairstyle. Being that hipsters are always trying to stand out from the norm, it made complete sense for them to grow out their hair. However they wanted to control it so they tied it up. There you go – the man bun is born again.

The Man Bun: Love it or hate it -


Does the man bun require a lot of upkeep?

This hairstyle is great – there is hardly any maintenance at all. You just need your hair to be long enough so that it can be pulled back into a bun.

To keep my hair smooth, I use Wella Professionals Pearl Styler – it’s a styling gel. All you need is 1-2 pumps in the palm of your hands then you work it into dry hair or wet hair.

Another way to style it, is tie it up when the hair is wet, then let it dry. Once it’s dry pull on it, pinch the hair and pull it forward making it a little messy and not so slick.

It looks more natural this way and then maybe just spray it with a spray gel or light hairspray.

EIMI-Pearl Styler -
I love the reaction that I get from people when they see my man bun. It’s either they love it or hate it.

I am either told that my hair looks amazing, cool and it’s admired or I get OMG cut that thing off and they try to make fun of it. It’s as if it intimidates them, because they can’t understand it. I love seeing people make such a big deal about it. It amuses me to think that it matters that much, when it’s just a hairstyle.

This is why I think this look really took off the way it did. It actually makes people’s heart rise a little when they see it. Whether it’s because they like and even more so when they don’t.

It’s funny what fashion can do. That’s why I love what I do.

Can’t wait to try the next new look with my hair and on my guests. Maybe big messy hair for guys might be the next new thing, moving away from the slick man bun. Just a guess.

Ramsey Sayah

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