The colours of the universe are nothing but breathtaking.

With the invention of these amazing telescopes, that can reach distances we thought were unimaginable, our human eyes can now see the true beauty of the shapes and colours which existed long before the earth ever did.

There has never been a time in our history that is more full of discovery. The earth is a lot smaller than we thought and that the universe is much bigger than we have ever imagined.

The universe living and breathing, moving in time and space – with a story about our past, present and future.

When in Doubt, Look up - (3)

All the answers are right before our eyes.

Our scientists and astronomers are in awe of these new discoveries. They can’t seem to learn fast enough, with all the new information that is constantly being collected.

I can’t wait to hear more.

The one thing that really interests me is the amount of galaxies that exist. They say there are billions and each galaxy has its own uniqueness. Kind of just like people.

Each galaxy has its own solar systems, planets, suns, moons, stars and gravity.

Each galaxy being unique and different from any other.

I really love the colours and the diversity of each one. They are simply breathtaking. I’ve been using the galaxy colours as my new inspiration for my work. Taking colours from our universe and putting it into my world, my clients hair, my fashion, my furniture and now the art that hangs in my home.

When in Doubt, Look up - (2)

I started watching this show on Netflix called Cosmos.

I’ve discovered that our universe has its own story – past, present and future. Following this story has made me realize that we may not be alone. That we are not alone.

That the world doesn’t revolve around us.

That gravity is absolutely everything – it holds our universe together.

That we are actually made from the same things that the universe is made of.

That as species, we are smarter than we’ve ever been, but at the same time we still know nothing about the true potential of what the universe is capable of. I can go on and on.

When in Doubt, Look up - (4)

The Helix Nebula from Blanco and Hubble
Image Credit: C. R. O’Dell, (Vanderbilt) et al. ESA, NOAO, NASA

Take an interest in learning about our universe and hopefully you can reflect on it as I am. I’ve learned so much about myself and our existence as a whole.

It’s given me more purpose – made me appreciate life’s true beauty.

Next time you want to colour your hair and your not sure what you should do, just look up and let the colours of our universe inspire you.

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